Monday, June 23, 2008

It all started that day...


" are u today?"


"ASL pls..."

"24, f, india. n u?"

"22, m, indian but in california..."

"what do you do over there?"

"doing my M.S. in computer science..."

"what part of india are you from?"

"Heh heh, i am a Maharashtrian.....i believe this is the mumbai chat room, so are u also a marathi ???"

"yeah, then why are we talking in English???"

and it continued....

He, a guy who had some time at hand before his formalities were completed to get the scholarship he was yearning for.

"Let me try rediff...i may be able to get some nice girl to chat with me..."

She, "yd" (short for "year down" people would surely be aware of this truncation) in 2 subjects, her parents frustrated with her....Tries to pass her time in the virtual world....

The language matches, the interests match too....

"Maybe i should not ask this, but....."

"Yes ?"

"You single?...."

"Why did u think u should not have asked that?"

"Cmon, we are meeting for the first time......but it really doesn't seem so, isn't it?"

"Heh heh, you are right. By the way, i am single. What about you? Are there no American babes around? :-p"

"Well...there are....but a Marathi gal would be obviously a good choice....someone like....maybe you! ;-)" always casual :-)
He is good at it. Or rather wants to prove it. After toiling hard through his engineering years, completely ignoring all the ragging, the invitations from friends, the coquettish remarks of one of his classmates....He had reached his goal just last week. He was a free bird now! And he chose the virtual sky to fly high...not realizing that he had stuck the feathers of his wings with wax!

Her frustration seems to have taken back seat. He is so cute. No lewd talk. No "what about cam to cam chat?" Just plain partner to talk to! And what a well-educated, well-informed, intelligent guy he is. Doesn't ask her about her grades in the last exam. Doesn't bother her, rather gives her the much needed space to escape into....she was looking to run away from reality, and what a accomplice she met...just a matter of chance!

(to be continued....)